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About US

Sandlot Off-Road Adventure Park is the ONLY park of it’s kind in the entire south east United States. From Pro’s to Pee wees - ATV/UTV riders, motocross riders, RV owners, campers, beach goers, and family members alike can experience 25 miles of off-road trails to ride, 6 professionally designed motocross tracks, full on-site camping with a swimming lake, including our white sand beaches and tiki bar — all open to the public! Event goers can encounter a 56 acre event field with parking for 6,000 vehicles plus a fiber optic infrastructure capable of handling internet traffic from a full event. COME VISIT THE SANDLOT TODAY!

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Questions? MAybe These FAQs Will Help

SANDLOT OFF-ROAD ADVENTURE PARK is a 1,100+ acre theme park offering the ultimate in outdoor adventure. Guests here enjoy a world class motocross facility with 6 tracks, a freshwater beach inspired by the tropics, 25+ miles of one directional off-road trails, a dedicated side by side track, open riding areas and more. The park also offers a “Mud Zone”. Additionally, THE SANDLOT is home to a 56-acre Entertainment Ground which can host concert events, festivals, and more all throughout the year.

The Park is open 5 days a week. Wednesday-Sunday. While being a member has many perks, you do not need to be a member to ride here!

We recommend everybody wears their helmet. That being said we do not require 4x4 atvs and Side by Side riders over the age of 18 to wear one in the trails. Everyone has to wear a helmet to ride any of the tracks. Anyone under the age of 18 has to wear a helmet at all times at the park. 

We accept all Major credit cards as well as Good ol' Fashioned cash! We love us some benjamins!

We have a pretty sick pro shop! We maybe a little biased, but we think its Gnarly! Its the first stop when you come into the Sandlot. That is where you check in. We keep it stocked to keep you riding. We do minor services to keep you going. We are hoping to have a full shop built out by the end of 2021 to be able to build from Mild to Wild! 

The sandlot is a no fly zone for safety purposes. Personal drones or ANY remote flying object will be confiscated and held until your departure if used within the park. For purposes of media and marketing use, prior approval by the SANDLOT Marketing Department is required in order to fly a drone. No exceptions will be made on the spot without planning and approval.

Yes, our wooded trail sections ARE one directional and they are clearly marked. We do this TO ensure safety on the trails. You can stop and pull over trail-side in some of the open areas, but all traffic is one direction. Please do not cut out of the trails, as this can be life threatening, not only for you but for other riders. Please stay on the trail and follow the arrows. 

We do allow 3 wheelers in our trails, however we do not allow them on the tracks, unless its a specific race weekend. We love us some 3 wheelers also. Stay tuned for some race events. 

Depends? you riding or just chillin'? Check out our Rates&Fees Page for more info!

Coming in from out of town? Dirt bike didn't fit in your carry on? That 4 seat RZR was over American Airlines bag limit? Or have you just never ridden and want to try it out? We have you covered. Well our buddy Forrest does! Check out the Rentals Page for more information.

Yes you can! If you have pets with you, you must park in the non hook up camping area. All dogs must be on a leash at all times. No matter the size. YOU MUST PICK UP AFTER YOUR PETS!  There is a no glass or alcohol policy that will be strictly enforced. All coolers maybe searched upon entering our park. Safety is our MAIN concern. We do sell beer and wine at the Tiki Bar and the general Store. Food is allowed as long as you feed the staff!! Jk we won't eat your food. Unless you are offering!!


Absolutely, we have a pee wee track dedicated just for the future of our sport! We also split practice on the beginner track for those little ones who are a little more advanced! 


No Outside Alcohol

Please help us out here, We are not trying to be difficult. Our goal here is to be a family friendly park. We want a place where families feel safe to bring their kids. Unfortunately some people do not know when to stop with the booze. This puts everyone around in danger. We sell our alcohol at very affordable prices to counter this rule, but if you start drinking to much, our staff will cut you off. We want you to have a good time. Riding with a hangover sucks! its for your own good! It's a tough rule, but its meant to help keep you safe, keep our insurance down, and keep us in business! Please no drinking and driving. If you are caught drinking and driving you will be asked to leave the park.


Safety & First Aid

At the sandlot, safety is a top priority. In addition to having trained on-site safety officials positioned throughout the park, we have taken the following additional safety measures:

  • sandlot has worked with local law enforcement and EMS to create a project specific safety plan
  •  We employ a trained staff and carry necessary first aid equipment
  •  We have a dedicated emergency lane allowing ambulance access throughout the park
  •  Alcohol rules & regulations will be strictly enforced
  •  Control measures are in place to prevent intoxicated patrons from operating a motor vehicle
  •  ALL visitors will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to being granted access to the park

Park Map


Meet the Owner Mad Max

Max is a Florida native that has been a long time lover of anything that goes fast and has an engine. equaling his passion for riding, max is a passionate and succesful entrepreneur. having created a successful construction company - mvs industries - max not only has the business mind to pull off something like the sandlot, but the equipment to do so. His fleet of bulldozers, excavators, skidsteers, dump trucks, tractors, water trucks, etc will be the key to keeping this park safe and in pristine condition. max is prepared to take this park to the next level and will be bringing a new meaning to the phrase "work hard - play hard."


Trails open 9am-5pm

Tracks Open 10am-4pm

Riding Ends at 5pm

  • Mon-Tu              Closed
  • Wed        9:00am-6:00pm
  • Thurs      9.00am-6.00pm
  • FRIDAY   9:00am-9:00PM
  • Saturday  9:0oam-9:00pm
  • Sunday     9:00am-6:00pm
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