Do you even Moto??


Pro UTV Track

Are you a big sender? There is no other track in South Florida with the jumps and elevations you find on our Pro UTV Track! 

If you are ready for nearly 2 minutes of high speeds, big jumps, technical sections, and talladega corners, this is the track for you.  

We Open our Pro Track every weekend. We do not split practices on this track. If you are not an experienced driver please ride our other track. We reserve the right to ask riders to move to another track if we believe they are putting themselves in danger.


Pro-Am Track

Our Most popular Track

Our Pro-Am track is what most of our moto family rides. From the Vet to the Pro rider, the Pro-AM track is a blast to ride. Rollers, up hill step up, some big tables and our HUGE Triple option lane make this track a fun track to moto. The Loamy sand makes for an awesome work out for anyone in training! If you can ride Sand you can ride anything! 

Due to our increased rider count on this track, we are now splitting practices during the busy time. We are splitting Dirt Bikes and ATVs on the weekends during prime time. No bikes under 65cc on this track. Dirt Bikes and Atvs welcome. Must Wear boots, a motocross helmet and goggles. 

Beginner Track

If Our Am track is A1 this is A2. Our second most popular track!

Don't get it twisted!! Our beginner track is no boring little track, Not long ago we had to get the X Games Gold Medalist Tom Parsons off the track! He took Max's alta and started burning some laps on the beginner track thinking he was in time qualifying. This track has the hardest packed dirt out of all our tracks. It's a beginner and Vet Favorite, now that's cool and all, but the little shredders on those cobra 50s need a spot to ride when they outgrow the pee wee track! This is the track for that. Now all you vet guys, we are doing this for you! We are splitting practices on this track every weekend so that little dude on the cobra doesn't pass you!! Imagine if your buddy got that on video. Thank us later. 

This Track is open on the weekends. We tend to keep it closed during the week for training and prep. But ask us at the pro shop, if there isn't any training going on, or it hasn't been prepped for the weekend, we will let you ride it! No size restrictions on this track, From little bikes to big bikes, to atvs. Just wait your turn when we are splitting practice. Must Wear boots, a motocross helmet and goggles.

The Pee-Wee Track

The track for our future superstars!

We have a very basic, very easy pee wee track for the little ones learning how to ride. A couple of rollers, some banked turns and some option lanes! Bring the little ones out and let them get comfortable before moving on to our bigger tracks!!

This track is for the kids only. Please keep all bikes bigger than 65 CC or 90cc quads off this track. No go karts or side by sides on this track. No adult riders on this track. Must Wear boots, a motocross helmet and goggles. Once they master this track, jump into one of the split practice groups on the beginner track.  

Our Pit-Bike Track

Is that a mini Super cross track or a Pit-bike Track? It's a pit-bike track dude!!

Following in the foot steps of its big brother that sits right along the fence line. Our pit-bike track has some big jumps and big hills like our Pro-Am track. Yes we know, it looks like a blast to ride on your big bike, but come on dude. Those 450 ruts are going to swallow up that pitter. Leave the big bikes at the truck and come shred the pit bike track. Our first race was extremely exciting with guys coming from 18 hours away to race it. That will be the first of many, make sure you don't miss out on the next one. 

THE "OG" UTV/Side by Side Track

Ever seen a Side by side fly? Well, here is the spot. 

Pioneering the game in Florida, we have built the first public side by side only track. Roller section, 80 ft table into an 100 ft table, this track will give you an adrenaline rush like no other. Our first UTV track build. We now have 2 tracks. the OG is a fast, WOT style track. This track is a lot of fun and is a little easier to ride than our PRO UTV track. So if you're new to UTV Tracks, this is where you want to start!  Want to sit in the passenger seat and experience it? If you see Max around in his x3 ask him for a thrill ride! We are working on different layout changes and playing with different materials to figure out what will hold up best so we can start doing some races. 

Helmets are required to ride this track.

Trails open 9am-5pm

Tracks Open 9:30am-4pm

Riding Ends at 5pm

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