Sandlot Off-Road Adventure Park  


Get 1 Year Anniversary Bash Columbus Day Weekend

Beach ? All weekend! Moto Tracks? All weekend! Mudzone? All weekend! Trails? Nice and Wet all weekend! Come ready to get dirty and take a dip in the lagoon!! 

to reserve a hook up spot or save some time in line purchase your tickets by CLICKING HERE

drag Races

think your toy is fast? run your toy not your mouth. Leave the excuses at home and come ready to let'er rip. Don't have a fast toy but want to have a chance at winning some money? join the consistency class! you don't have to be the fastest, just make it from A-B as consistently as possible! That's a class for everyone! we had almost 40 entries at our last race, let's double it!! 

 September Mud Bog

We had so much frickkkking fun at our first mud bog we wasted no time setting up the second one! FIRE ME UP!!!!!! We are so excited for round 2!  We will be keeping the pedal to the metal and continuing to add to the mud zones and working on the trails to make sure we have lots of mud and lots of spots for you to get down and dirty. We will have our main mud zone and crawl course plus some more zones in the woods,  the drag strip, and 25+ miles of trails for you to ride!!

Click here for tickets!!

Trails open 8:30am-5pm

Tracks Open 8:30am-3pm

Riding Ends at 5pm

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